JUNE 10, 2014
Jemima Bradley and her husband Mike met at university at the young age of 18 and have been together ever since. It will be their 14 year anniversary this year. Mike is a music tour accountant and Jemima is a fashion stylist and edits her own blog:Musings From a London Mum. They live in a beautiful home next to Alexandra Palace in North London and have two amazing girls – Rose aged 4 1/2 and Martha aged 11 months.
From flying kites on Parliament Hill to hanging out and making homemade paddling pools, find out about their family life below.
FAMILY LIFEOur family life can be quite hectic but there is always a lot of laughter. I am really lucky with work, some weeks it can be super busy and I am flat out then it calms down and sometimes I only work a few days. I can control it too, so I am always around for when the family needs one of us at home a bit more. We have a brilliant nanny too, who helps out when we need extra help. As well as a super supportive family that all live near and help out on a regular basis. It is such a juggling act making sure everyone is looked after, but we keep communicating and it seems to work out. If it didn’t we would simply ship off to somewhere wonderful like Devon and I would stay at home with the girls.
We love to explore London and try and make sure we take advantage of living in such an amazing city. The weekends are a great time to get out and about and do lots of different things. We love visiting city farms like Hackney City Farm to show the girls real animals! Or flying kites on Parliament Hill. We have Alexandra Palace just behind us which is such a little North London secret – it is just as beautiful as Hampstead Heath with half the people, we love looking for deers!
Weekends are about catching up and being together, we recently moved into a new home with lots more space so we feel a bit like we are on holiday, so we love just hanging out and making homemade paddling pools, watermelon ice lollies and just being a family.
My friends and family do laugh at some of my style rules! I think that children are only children for a short while so I love dressing them in super sweet and whimsical pieces. I love Liberty style floral prints, simple shift style dresses, with traditional Mary Janes. We do stretch to a Converse though! I quite like the mix of a pretty dress with a flat trainer. My finishing touch for the girls is always a Grosgrain hair bow or two.
Have fun. It is so easy to get caught up in the whirl that is parenthood, the disturbed sleep, early mornings, the last minute sick bug, or yoghurt on your interview outfit. But it really is about having fun, it will go so quickly. I hate the idea of not stopping each day to appreciate how lucky I am to be a mother and how grateful I am that I get to really laugh, like belly laugh, at least ten times a day.
Stay a couple. Make sure you remember who you are and were before your little ones came along. It is easy to become Parent A and Parent B, but just remember what make you a couple and always play as a team. We try and eat supper at our table and have little things every day that are just about being a Mr and Mrs.
With thanks to Jemima Bradley of Musings From a London Mum X