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I love traditional Children’s clothes. Our little ones are only little for a short time, so I love dressing them in super sweet clothes for as long as I can.

One of my favourite brands is La Coqueta.

We were sent some pieces to do a little shoot for Musings, Rose loved twirling and whirling in some of the best pieces from the Autumn Collection.

 Melissa Dress, £74, La Coqueta.
Jara Dress, £54.
Orquieda Shirt, £34.
Adelfa Skirt, £36
Tights, Models own.
Shoes, Startrite.

I was so happy when Celia one the founder agreed to talk to us at Musings about her family life and super chic style. I think she is a wonder woman with five beautiful children and running her own business. So here is how she does it all.

Musings meets Celia Munoz, Founder of La Coqueta

All about me

My name is Celia Munoz and I am the founder of La Coqueta. I am half Spanish and half French and I have five beautiful children: Flavia (6), Lucas (5), Siena (4), Bosco (Almost 3 years) and Hugo (22 months). I have been living in London since 2001 and after having studied Psychology, worked in my early career as a headhunter I am currently doing what I always dreamed of: designing Traditional Spanish clothes.

When I had my first child I noticed there was a gap in the market around the supply of beautifully crafted children clothes sold at a reasonable price point. After doing extensive research in the field I decided to open a shop in the heart of Hampstead, 100m away from my home and bring our own designs. At the beginning it was aimed at London mums but since I launched our website, I realised that the reach is completely global and this is what our focus is at the moment.
I got into making my own pieces because I had a very clear idea of what I wanted my children to wear and I could not find it that easily where I live. I have always loved the way the Spanish dress their children and I feel La Coqueta is a continuation of my personal life being Spanish and being a mother. La Coqueta is a reflection of my cultural heritage. 

My Style

I am fairly classic in my style but I like colour a lot and always open to experiment and new ideas. I have a penchant for accessories in particular big earrings, bracelets and shoes. On a work day I would wear interesting looking flats, a pair of cropped trousers and a simple shirt always paired with ethnic earrings and strawberry-red lipstick. In Summer time I generally wear a Panama hat.
When I am off duty I generally go for a simple dress (I love red and white), high heels and again interesting earrings. 

My favourite pieces

My favourite piece this summer would be the Penelope dress for girls, the Lorena smock set for babies and the Barreno shorts for boys.

1. Barreno Shorts, £24. (BUY NOW)
2.Lorena Smock Dress, £33.60. (BUY NOW)
3. Penelope Dress, £40.50. (BUY NOW)

Autumn/Winter Edit 

I love our tartan pieces in particular the trousers for babies (Maranta baby trousers), our Fresia range (show baby set – only the top and the bloomers will be the same colour), our Greca jumpers and I just love our Carisa dress for girls.

1. Fresia Range, from £79, La Coqueta.
2.Greca Jumper, £39, La Coqueta.
3. Maranta Trousers, £29, La Coqueta.

We are big fans in the Bradley household. Thank you so much Celia for sharing a snapshot of your family life on Musings.

Rose was also very keen that Tabitha the Teddy got a mention on the blog too. (Wearing models own)

I think she is the next Cara.

London Mum

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