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So its been a Summer of firsts. Festivals. Up until this Summer I have avoided them, people, mud and chaos. I like to think I am a hippie at hear but in reality I like being in control of my environment.

So we have been to Lattitude without the girls, a lot of fun, haven’t blogged about that weekend. Sometimes it is vital to turn off your phone and just be together.

 Then last weekend we were invited by the lovely Jess from BHS Press office to head off to Lollibop.

A festival just for children. It was such a great day, full of tons of stuff for Rose and Martha to do. It was a brilliant day just really focusing on the girls and being with them. I really recommend it.

We dressed up in the worlds biggest dressing up box, I went for a mermaid look, Rose went for a rocker. Embraceed our inner Prima Ballerina at Baby Ballet, made cardboard TVS, danced to Rasta Mouse, it was a busy day.
The girls were sent some super sweet clothes from BHS to wear on the day, their Autumn collection is so beautiful and lots of you have been asking where their dresses were from.
So here they are. 

What my girls wore to their first festival

Wool Cardigan, £10, (Buy Now)
Ditsy Print Top, £10, (Buy Now)
Ditsy Print Skirt, (£10) (Buy Now)

Ditsy Print Dress, £10, (Buy Now)
Headband, £4, (Buy Now)

So many great things at even better prices. A great tip from one Mum to another. I would love to hear what you think of the collection too.

Thanks for reading,

London Mum x

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