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I love being a stylist. Although I originally wanted to be a make up artist. So whenever I am on shoots I always pay attention to the amazing skills of the make up artists I am working with.

They know all the best tricks. The smokey eye is something that I always try and achieve and fail, so when I asked the incredibly talented Make Up Artist Sam Sunshine to show me a quick 5 minute make over trick I knew I had to share it with you.

Here is Sam’s super quick Smokey eye with one simple product.

‘This is a super quick easy tip for woman on the go, who don’t really have time to do a full contoured eye.

Buy yourself a kohl eyeliner, I have use Mac.

Teddy is a beautiful brown colour for a more subtle look,but black or grey looks great too.

Eye Kohl Teddy, £14, Mac (Shop Now)

You can use the pencil as a eyeliner with a flick.

 Another use for the pencil is to use it on your lid by drawing along base of your eyelashes and then literally smudging it with your finger or a brush and it will create a soft eyelid colour. And you can make it as light or dark as you wish.

And Voila this London Mum is ready to go.

PS : Another trick if you want ultra thick looking lashes is to pencil in the upper inner  part of your lashes….you know how you normally would put eyeliner pencil on the bottom inner part Of your eye,well do the top part and it makes your lashes look amazing,then add mascara and voila! Beautiful eyes in a flash!’

I also wanted to know what was on Sam’s horizon in the beauty world, I honestly quiz Make up Artists more than most stylists I know. Its such an incredible skill and something I always want to get better at.

So here is what is on Sam’s radar.

I have been reading quite a bit lately on how many chemicals are in our daily grooming products…. Phew!
So I am slowly trying to cut out products that have bad chemicals in(which is more than you know,and out regular brands)and replace with more naturally sourced products, and I was amazed at the liquid foundation from bare minerals!!! Give a smooth sheer effect! Give it a try if you are concerned about what you out onto and into your body! 

We tried it on my skin on the shoot, and it was incredible and felt so light. I am hooked. Less than the price of my usual foundation but so much better for my skin. I never really thought about what make up I put on my skin, which is crazy as I spend so long finding the perfect skin care regime. Which is from the amazing French Brand Avene, read about it in my post from July.

Pure Brightening Serum Foundation, £26, Bare Minerals. (Shop it Now)

Thank you wonderful Sam Sunshine I am now the thirty something woman who can do the contoured smokey eye which was defiantly on my list of things to do in my thirties.

London Mum x

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