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Rose and I had our weekly date. This week we went to our Favourite coffee shop for a muffin in a plant pot and a babycinno at  The Haberdashery in Crouch End.
Rose and I have always relied on this beautiful coffee shop for a break from the rain, a trip out together and just to be somewhere so lovely.


We first started going when Rose was around 3 months so I spend a lot of lonely Maternity leave time. Just chatting away to her as she gurgled and demolished a whole muffin without blinking.

The wonderful co-owner Massimo used to call her the Happiest baby in Crouch end. He probably said that to all the babies, but to me it was the biggest compliment as it mean I was doing something right.

I also had my 30th Birthday party there too. They were so brilliant, I loved celebrating somewhere that was so special to me and my first year of navigating motherhood.

They have opened a wonderful new shop too in Stoke Newington so go and take a look if you are North of the river, or a really good reason to cross the river. There breakfasts are Mr B’s favourite in London.

Thank you to the lovely people at The Haberdashery for always having out favourite dark chocolate and strawberry muffins, and not kicking us out even though we sometimes may have outstayed our welcome colouring in and taking shelter from the British weather.

London Mum x

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