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Dress, Tory Burch.
Shoes, Jimmy Choo.Jasmine
Top, Tory Burch,
Trousers, Tory Burch.
Shoes, Jimmy Choo.

My most favourite clients to style are Hemsley & Hemsley.

They are the in my most inspiring friends category, in fact all my friends are. I have known Jasmine for a while after working with her on fashion shoots, so it is amazing to see how brilliant she is doing.

The key is that they really love their job, they feel so strongly and really believe in what they are doing. Which is the key isn’t it really in working or any other areas in our life we have to enjoy it. I have recently really cut out areas of my life that I wasn’t really getting anything from. Although I might have a little less money it is good to realise what is a good thing for you and what isn’t. I am a terrible bore if I don’t enjoy something, so I am being stricter with my time and energy.

I work with the girls on quite a lot of food shoots, there is no-one else in the world who could get me to eat a meatball at 9.30am in the morning than them. There is no-one else in the world who could make me eat meatballs at 9.30am but Mel and Jasmine can.

I am a coffee addict, it is terrible I know. Marvellous Martha who is still Marvellous at 4.30am in the morning but I am not so marvellous at 4pm later than day. So coffee is what I reach for. This has to stop, the caffeine is completely stressing my body out and then making me crash. As well as making me a little more anxious than I already am.

So when the girls whipped up this little hot concoction I was not really that enamoured, but drinking it I felt the same pep up as my coffee. It actually felt better as I knew I as putting some goodness back.

Just try it, I promise you will feel amazing with no crashing, caffeine induced lunacy and stained teeth.

Super simple its just mixing grated ginger, turmeric and cayenne pepper in a tea pot with hot water, leaving it for 10 minutes and cooling it to room temperature before adding lemon.

Ok, so go and Pep yourselves up and have an amazing weekend,

I will be drinking this all weekend as I prepare to Build Snowmen, make Frozen Hearts (chocolate dipped strawberries) Ice Hans Ice cubes for Rose Bay’s fifth birthday party on Sunday.

London Mum xx


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