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Hello, Happy Monday from a sunny office at Granny Ga’s Gas. The girls and I have de-camped to the Countryside for a week. I could not be happier to have a break from the big smoke. Life has been a little hectic at Musings HQ, and I am feeling a little run down. A change really is as good as a rest in my book, and with Granny Ga Ga and a little help with the girls from a wonderful lady in the village. I can focus on some brilliant new projects I have been booked for.


So it half term too. I love having Rose Bay with me. She is enjoying her first term at school but it is not without its challenges. So it is lovely to be with her and let her rest and re-boot for the Summer Term.


What are you all up to for half term? I wanted to do a little post about a wonderful and free day that Marvellous Martha and I had last week.

I was invited to the Bon Point Press day last week. It was on the Marylebone Highstreet, so I though it would be a perfect opportunity to go for a super long sunny walk with her.

I do at times find it a bit claustrophobic hanging out all the time in my local neighbourhood, and London has so much to see with little ones. It always feels a bit daunting hoping on the tube but actually the thought is much worse than actually doing it.

Bon Point as I may have mentioned before is my dream brand to dress my girl gang in, although it is a little expensive it is a wonderful brand to get some inspiration from and pick up the odd special piece too.

Their Summer collection is one of may favourites yet, I highlighted a few of my favourite pieces in my post about meeting Pat the Bunny last week.

Press days are events that are held for the journalists to look through the next seasons collection. There are always beautifully put on. I loved the pretty flowers and super nutritious treats the Nazli laid on the Press Day. I always make a note of the companies that create them for future reference.



These pretty bouquets were put together by a company called  A Riot of Colour, check out their website for some serious floral envy. The super healthy treats that Marvellous Martha was very pleased to be able to eat were made by Juice Baby. Their selection of gluten,sugar and dairy free treats was incredible. A brilliant company to look into for special events.


Marvellous Martha and I then took such a lovely sunny walk to feed the Herons, Geese and ducks through Regents Park. I love this walk all the way to Primrose Hill. Getting a little Zoo freebie and waving at the Giraffes on our way.


I still get a little struck every time I look at the view of London from the top of Primrose Hill. I love being reminded of how lucky I am to live in such an awesome city. I do sometimes get so frustrated and fall out of love with it, the expense, the pace etc so seeing wonderful views and strolling down pretty pastel streets is a lovely way to fall back in love.





We then headed to another favourite treat of mine Primose Bakery. One of London sweetest little bakeries. I love it here. A little of the beaten track its 50 style diner cafe is the perfect pit stop to escape a little Spring Shower.



It really was such a perfect moment. I think one of those ones when you realise how truly lucky you are to be a mother. I always log these moments and almost bottle them up as a tonic to days of endless washing and ‘Mummy, Mummy, Mummy I want that’ days.

We then walked back through Camden passed the vintage cars nestled in-between the oversized 4 x 4 Cars.



I love looking through the vintage shops and took full advantage of Martha lunchtime sleep in her pram.


I found two wonderful dresses. One perfect for the festival season. Mr B works in music so has finally persuade me to embrace festivals after my introduction to Lattitude Festival last year I am a convert.


This super maxi dress was a total bargain for £25 from Rokit, super cheap so who cares if it gets a little muddy, its Festival proof.


I also brought this floral smock dress. Which is a bit mad art teacher or Angela from my so called life. But I love a bit of a smock for my off duty style. I think this will look brilliant in the summer with tan lace up gladiator sandals.


So that was my Sunny day with Marvellous Martha, which apart from our red velvet cupcakes and my fashion splurge was totally free. So go and enjoy glorious London with your little ones for free. Get you walk, get some vitamin D and fall in love again.


London Mum x



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