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I love vintage. In a world full of fast fashion, micro trends. celebrity trends and throw away fashion there is something so refreshing to getting totally lost in all the eras of fashion. There is nothing more thrilling than wearing a 1950s floral print day dress or embracing the 70s in a maxi dress. Fabric and prints are authentically made and created by textile specialists.

The fit and cut of vintage clothes seem to fit me so much better and it actually fits. No boyfriend jeans or oversized androgynous styles. I love embracing femininity with clothes. I would love to go back through the eras, the idea of having a beautiful dressing table, setting my hair each evening, only wearing a little rouge on a trip to the theatre. I know it’s all a bit mad men, but I do think the joy of dressing well has been a little lost. I also understand that the ease of dressing is important but I love dressing up for every day.

Marvellous Martha and I were involved in a photo shoot by the super talented Sarah Winbourne in my favourite vintage shop Painted Black. It is a total treasure trove full of the most wonderfully brought pieces by the owner Amelia.

Vintage treasure troves are where the buyers and designers go to buy samples and copy them for the high street so I love getting there first.  So here is my top tips for being a Vintage Pro.


Be Prepared to Really Riffle the Rails


Yes. Riffle, Riffle, Riffle. Don’t go in with an idea of what you are looking for. Just be totally open to looking at each garment and see how it feels and could work within your wardrobe. One of my favourite vintage pieces is a Fushia silk jacket that totally brings a little glamour to a dressed down look.


Try things on. Just go for it. Set time aside and really try things on. Who cares if it doesn’t work or look right. That is the point of a changing room. So you can change again if it doesn’t look right. There are so many things that I am unsure about that on they look amazing. A lot of the best clothes have the worst hanger appeal.


Add a Classic to a Hero Piece

This is my rule to most outfits. I love this 50s raffia skirt, it totally reminded me of a Prada collection a few years ago. By teaming it with a pretty white blouse it gives the skirt the centre stage.





Belt up

Vintage scarves are amazing and so easy to find. I love using mine to belt in an oversized cardigan or to add a pretty touch to my jeans looping them through the belt loops.



Embrace your figures

Vintage dresses are but so well to flatter figures. So try them all on and embrace your inner Mad Men.




Look through the Jewels

Costumer jewellery is the best. Think Tom Binns when looking for statement pieces perfect for teaming with a grey marl t-shirt and jeans combo. I found some incredible brushed silver drop earrings that have a certain Isabel Marant about them and have been commented by all my Fashion Editor friends. All for a mere £5.



Always take a friend

Well an assistant at least. Marvellous Martha came with me, but I do think it is a fun thing to do with a friend after a glass of wine at lunch. It is amazing to have access to Vintage and dress up in history. Wether you buy anything or not it is always lovely to see the journey of where clothes have come from and essentially us as women too.








We had such a wonderful morning together. Thank you so much Sarah for asking us and Amelia for letting have a whole morning to play dress up in your amazing shop.




Happy Vintage Shopping everyone,

See you in the Fifties or the Seventies depending on how I feel that day,


London Mum & My Marvellous Assistant Martha x









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