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A day at home with my girls. I was so excited for a day in the sunshine yesterday with Rose Bay and Martha but it all went a bit wrong.


I know people talk about terrible twos but I am really struggling with the feisty fives. It seems everything I do isn’t right and anything I ask Rose to do is just met with a no and a hand on her hip. I even shouted at her in the middle of Tesco’s after she asked for the twentieth time for an ice cream. We are on a sugar lock down after Easter. There seems to be so many sweets, ice-cream, chocolates around. So much more than when I was her age, I get so fed up with them being pushed and advertised especially to children. I am constantly telling poor unsuspecting supermarket attendants to have them removed.


Anyway it was a disastrous day of counting to 10 getting cross at myself for getting cross then getting cross again. Repeat, shuffle, repeat.


Before my day of mother failures filled up with coffee and the promise of a wonderful day with my girls I was super excited that the sun was shining and I could finally wear some of my favourite skirts. The Denim A-Line is one of my all time favourites. I brought it years ago in a vintage shop and I love how it makes me feel. Super high waisted and goes with so many of my pretty boho pieces it turns me into a 60s hippy immediately. I think my fashion alter ego is a 60s hippy, she wafts around in expensive silk kaftans and loads of beatnik jewellery all brought in Ibiza. With long tousled beach hair and a permanent tan.


This A- Line denim skirt is totally having a fashion moment of its own. So here is my top edit for you all.




1. Denim Skirt, £19.99, (SALE GO GO GO) Gap.

2. Denim Skirt, £235, MiH at Matches.

3. Denim Skirt, £165, American Retro at Browns Fashion.

4. Denim Skirt, £29.99, Zara.

5. Denim Skirt, £320, Stella McCartney.


Team with a stripe, print or pretty boho blouse,


Happy Shopping,


London Mum x

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