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Happy Tuesday and June. Although I am still waiting for the Sunshine.


So I have been busy working hard at my new brilliant job as Fashion Manager at the wonderful Push PR launching stores and working with some wonderful designers. Am still thinking about the flowers that Wild at Heart created for us for the Vanessa Gounden Store launch on Conduit Street. They were amazing, when I win the lottery which will happen when I buy a ticket, I will have this on my front door all year around.




I have also been super busy editing some Shopping Pages for one of my favourite magazines Smallish, I am so delighted to be combining my love for all things children related with work. On my way I have been introduced to some brilliant websites and brands that I really want to share with you. Marvellous Martha is still having a good lunchtime nap, so while she has been visiting the land of nod here are the websites I have been perusing for inspiration for her birthday presents and some little Summer updates for the girls at home. Summer holidays are fast approaching so I always like to make sure our home is fully stocked with fun and creative toys to keep the girls entertained.


Here are some of the websites that are permanently bookmarked for some downtime whilst she snoozes.


1. Sisters Guild


Founded by creative Mothers Carla & Bekka, Sisters Guild is about imagination, enchanting creations, colour, shape, good design, print and pattern, soft sumptuous fabrics, adventure, starting new traditions, play and intrigue.


Here is what is on my shopping list from them.

1. Jewellery Making Craft Set, £8, Djeco.

No wooden beads for us anymore. Rose Bay and I have moved on to pretty perfect friendship bracelets. The perfect activity to in the garden do whilst Martha is sleeping.


2. Sequin Animal Masks, £21.50, Rice BK.

We spend a lot of time hunting fairies in Ally Pally, so I love the idea of gallivanting around wearing these masks or holding an impromptu woodland tea party for their friends. Currently about to do a surprise tea party for Rose and her Best friend when I pick her up from school today. Have been working so much recently (which I love) but I wanted to spoil her a little and re-assure her that when I am at home it is all about her.




3. For the OCD in me. Yes Toys, I love to hate them. So I love this basket to throw them all in at the end of day and light a candle or two. Its only when I think the house is a toy free zone that I realise I have face paint all over my face. Not sure I will ever by an in Vogue mother that I wanted to be wafting around in cashmere.

Store Basket, £30, Rose in April.ratatouille-moyen-vert-sistersguild-300x300


Molly – Meg


I am so in love with this website. It is full with everything you could be looking for. Party supplies, dressing up toys, creative toys. It is so beautifully laid out too, so super easy to navigate after a sleepless teething night. (Pass the Calpol)

1. Blowing Bubbles

A super cheap and fun way to keep the girls entertained on a sunny day and have ice cream without the dentist bills.


Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.22.17

Ice cream bubbles, £4.50, Kido.


Hooray its the school holidays!! I love Rose Bay being off school, I know we are meant to roll our eyes and long for them to go back. I really struggle with sharing her with school and love her being around and at home. Marvellous Martha does too, they are building such a beautiful relationship I love nurturing and watching it grow. I hope they love and support each other as much as my sisters do for me. I love the idea of buying the balloon wand as a gift for Rose Bay on her last day of reception….Almost crying at the thought of that day. It all seems to go so quickly….

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.20.55


Balloon Wand, £7.50, Meri Meri.

We are all unicorns. Even at the age of 32 I think we should all embrace our inner magic. So I will be cooking up a storm with these super cute cookie cutters. Talking of baking genius’s you all need to check out my friend Juliet Sears new book. The Cake Decorating Bible. Baker to the stars including Kate Moss, every Mother needs this book to create the most beautiful Birthday cakes for your little ones. I for one never knew how much pressure there is on the cake circuit. Juliet’s beautiful makes almost makes it look easy.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.21.39


Unicorn Cookie Cutter, £5, Meri Meri.



Of course I must have talked about this AMAZING website. I am so in love with everything about it. The beautiful online magazine and the incredible selection of clothes, toys an interiors.

Glamping on our Staycation. This years holiday is going to be a stay cation. We are taking the girls to Lattitude Festival and then off to a luxury hotel for a huge bubble bath and G & T. I cannot decide which one yet, so have been looking for inspiration on Smith & Family. Did you know they have a whole site dedicated for families. Every question or facility you have is all beautifully thought about on their website. Go, Go, Go.


So I really want to buy this Teepee for the family campsite and also to have in our garden, of days of just sitting in the sunshine with my little loves.


Teepee, £139, Nobodinoz at Smallable.

Rose Bay’s Godmother brought her a make your own pop up Fashion Show and since then she has turned into quite the little stylist. So I know she will love creating her own Atelier.



Atelier Imaginaire, £19, Mon Petit Art.


For the frustrated florist in me. The girls are I are always picking and making up posies for our home. She was slightly aghast when she didnt have fresh flowers in her room last week..Yep. Although I do love that I am instilling in her that a room isn’t complete without flowers in it, something I defiantly got from my wonderful Mother. I am sat in my home surrounded by flowers that we picked together from her garden. I love having a bit of my Yorkshire home with my here. Its so comforting to me.



Flower Lab, £25, Radis et Capucine.


Labour of Love


Looking for something totally different, bright and beautifully made. I have found this lovely brand Labour of Love. Set up by super cool and super chic Mother Fran it’s all about inspiration, being inspired, inspiring others – getting out and creating things. I love the website, its a great place to have a look through the blog and find some super cool things to do in this marvellous city we live in.


I have my eye on this skirt for Rose Bay. Perfect for our Lattitude Festival Trip. Cannot wait to dance in the sunshine all day log with her.


Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.47.51

 Printed cotton skirt, £65, Labour of Love.

I love the idea of Marvellous Martha rocking the same print, so I would love her to wear the matching leggings to. In their little pull along set of wheels. I have just ordered one of these for them, which I am going to kit out inside with cushions and blankets so they can get a little shade and rest when they want to. So excited to see their faces when it arrives.




So my new top nap fillers, and just like that Marvellous Martha has arisen from hers. So enjoy.


London Mum xx

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