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There are certain books that I always go back to when I need a bit of head space in the world of having and being it all. Which most of the time is totally un-achievable. I have been reading a lot about the pressure on women about trying to be everything to everyone. The perfect wife, mother, career woman wearing the It bag and a splash of Tom Ford lipstick. Of course we all know that social media is its own filter, but I cannot help comparing myself.


So I have decided no more late nights, wine or other pressure releases for me. I am going to do a bit of work on myself and have a dip into my head space books. I know it all sounds hippie dippie, which of course I know I am, I am also a sensitive human being that at times I need to enjoy just being. No thinking ahead or planning of filling my plate with way too many things. Last week I tried to be a Fashion PR, Blogger, Stylist, Shopping Editor, Mother of Two, Wife, Friend, Sister and then of course myself. A few too many hats Jemima. We all have these ideals of how we should be progressing and achieving but sometimes I worry that I am missing out on now by thinking about what’s next. My little loves are my time checkers, I am constantly shocked by how quickly they change, their little faces slimming out a little bit more each day, moving away from babyhood into the world. I really don’t want to miss out on my present to worry about the future. So this trio of books helps me bring it all into perspective.


The Rules of Life

I have had this book for so long, and it is the perfect dip in and out of book. It has rules on all different areas of life, so if I am questioning any areas in my life its a great no-nonsense way of spelling out what is right and what it wrong. Which at times becomes totally over complicated in my anxious mind.



I love this book. It explains where and what kind of drive we all have. How to understand your drive and nurture it in a healthy way. It’s perfect for calming me down and making me use my drive in a really positive way.



Not intending them to rhyme. Andrea Huffington was the poster woman of the hard-working career woman who had it all. Untill she collapsed after her body could not longer stand the stress and the 4 hours of sleep she allowed herself. It is really about her awakening to what success means. A lot of the time success is measured by how much we have and what colour Farrow and Ball paint we have on our mortgaged to the hilt walls. Real success should be measures on what people would write for your Eulogy. They wouldn’t talk about your walls. I know it’s all relative but immersing myself in this book with a chamomile tea, face mask in a cloud of Lavender mask every night for a week almost gives me the thoughts detox I need.


So go forth & nurture. It’s so important for us to stop, evaluate and learn more about ourselves.


Hippie Dippie London Mum x

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