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I love our weekends and London, so I have been thinking that I might start sharing them all with you. The reason I started Musings was to really start to be mindful about living in London and make the most of it. Which is really has done. I regularly fall in love with London all the time and this weekend was one of those weekends.

Saturday was a day of milling around my favourite local shops. I haven’t had a nothing to do Saturday for so long. Normally it is filled with finishing a project, seeing my lovely friends or accompanying my girls to various parties.

One of my favourite shops in my local Crouch End is Niddle Noddle . Is the a treasure trove full of beautifully edits childrens clothes, toys and nursery ideas. It is run by two local mothers and it sums up everything that I think about childhood that it should be filled with fun and really magical. I am a little over I-pads, phones and C-Beebies. We have watched a lot less this Summer and the surprising this is that my daughters actually run off and play. The are so creative and are using their imagination so much more.


Niddle Noddle



I also had my hair cut. After much deliberation about keeping it shoulder length I have gone back to a short bob, which I am hoping isn’t too short.

I had a little inspiration in mind though, which I always take to my hair dresser. Which of course is the Sienna Bob. There is something really liberating about having short messy hair. I feel a bit more done as I can’t just tie it up. I totally recommend it. Will post a little more on the bob and my favourite styling products this week.



I also brought a few little bits in the sale from Oliver Bonas for a little bathroom update. Gone is the pretty and Neon is the new look.

I love these bargain that I got, an along with some super bright Gerberas my bathroom is now looking a little cooler. Am a little obsessed with my bathroom, as the girls and I share one these days. So it is a real girly affair and I place I always want to look beautiful for my many bubble baths, which I always find sanctuary in.





Ombre Rug, £18.50, Oliver Bonas.

I brought three of these in different colours, I love them and they make a really sweet display. I have filled them with my shampoo, conditioner and bubble bath. No old shampoo bottles to be seen.


Ombre Water Bottles, £6, Oliver Bonas.

Of course no bathroom would be complete with candles. I managed to pick up three of these and have brought some neon pink candles to go in them.

Wire Candle Holder, £7, Oliver Bonas.

Sunday was a super creative day. Starting with an Art Lesson in the Mini Harrods club, which by the way is totally free. All you have to do is sign up for Harrods club card and you can take your little ones along. I always look forward to going as they are so much fun and it means we are up and out of the house and in central London, which I love.


Rose Bay loved it. Such a clever idea. Marvellous Martha was a bit more excited to meet some safari animals on out way back. The Toy Kingdom is amazing in Harrods. It almost an activity in itself.


We then headed of the V & A, there is free parking around Brompton on Sunday’s always good to know.


It is one of my favourite London Museums, I love the romance of a building being built by Albert for Victoria. It is a pretty awe inspiring place. Mr B and I took in turn to do mini tours with an without the girls so we could see exhibitions on our own at times. It means we all get something from the trip.


The V & A have always got something going on for families as as soon as we arrived we found an architects drawing masterclass, which Rose Bay loved. The girls loved getting creative and we loved enjoying a cup of coffee in peace.  I love watching them play from afar and this beautiful courtyard is a wonderful place to do it.

Sunday afternoon was then spend totally relaxing in my neon Jonathan Adler-esque bathroom.

Oh why are the weekends so short?

London Mum





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