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I had no idea how big Halloween would be in our family calendar. The idea that you can get a whole bucket of sweets, run around the streets with your best friends, dress up and stay up a little later than usual is too much excitement for Rose Bay. Marvellous Martha may this year understand how amazing the 31st October is for children. It is fair to say she is not the biggest fab and was the reddest (Screaming) pumpkin on the street last year. Being the sartorial stylist that she is growing to be, a flammable pumpkin suit with a green stem hat was a step too far.


So I was thrilled when the wonderful team at Alex and Alexa asked me to do a little Halloween craft video with them this year. If there is a place to get a few chic halloween accessories that that you incorporate into your little ones wardrobes, this is the online place to go to.

You can see us getting crafty over on their blog. We made terrifyingly good masks, super duper easy to do and brilliant for filling the after school gap as the Autumn nights are getting a little darker.

Here is a few behind the scenes shots for you all.

IMG_1040 2

IMG_1067 2

IMG_1083 2


Here is what my little ghouls wore for their Crafting session. Which I have had so many wonderful compliments on.

Queen of Crafting Rose Bay


large (2)

Crown, £16, Kate Mack.


Ditsy Print Dress, £59, i love gorgeous.

Little Mouse Martha

large (3)

Mouse ears, £16, i love gorgeous.

large (1)


Jersey Dress, £72, Chloe.

Happy Crafting and Halloween,

London Mum x

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