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Oh it has been slightly hectic here at Musings HQ. It is funny how life can change all in seven days. As always my instinct about things is always right, which doesn’t mean it is pleasant when they come to fruition.

I finally feel like I am coming out of it though and better things are ahead.

So sitting here with a moment of calm looking at my photo wall of all the things I hold so dear to my life I wanted to share and really talk about Having it All? I am often surprised when people are so complimentary and lovely about my photos and the life I portray on Musings and through my social media. As as a lot of the time I feel like a bit of a mess or dare I say it a failure. So I wanted to share my thoughts on it all with you. As I think if we are all honest the Perfect Pressure is something we all feel.

We are so lucky to live in a world with so much opportunity. Now more than ever I really believe you can control your own life and edit what works for you and what doesn’t. I am constantly in awe of brilliantly successful women who really are being their own life Editors. Which at times (and very prevalent for me a the moment) can be quite frightening.

I do question the pressure that we put on ourselves to have it all. The Perfect pressure as I like to call it. One thing I do know is that as a Mother my happiness and fulfilment has to come first to make me the best role model to my daughters and a happy wife to my wonderfully supportive, kind and patient Mr B. So if that means walking away from something provides me with neither I am going to be grown up enough to walk away from it. Financial security or otherwise.

I think we should stand up and really think about what Having it All really means to us? And be our own Life Editors. We often talk about Editing our wardrobe and what we should Keep and what we should Throw away. So I am going to do the same with my life.

To Keep:

Pursuing my own journey and working hard for me, myself and I.

Having the time to enjoy the little things, if we must learn anything from the atrocities in the news it is that life is short, and can be made shorter than we expect. So we must learn to enjoy the simple things.

Keeping and maintaining a calm and happy environment for my family to grow and be happy in.

Picking up the phone to my loved ones. I must stop pressing the silent buttons when people who love me are trying to get in contact. I currently have 20 unread text messages and have shut down my voicemail as I never listened to it.

Journal and write down my dreams starting with a 6 month plan of what I would like to achieve.

Putting less pressure on myself and channel a bit of Elsa. Let it Go.

Listen to my instinct. So many times I wish I had listened more to what it really is that makes me happy. The more you ignore that gut instinct the stronger is grows. If something doesn’t feel right, it means one thing. It isn’t.

To Throw:

I am enough. No more comparisons. As Granny Ga Ga has always told me ‘Comparison is the thief of Joy’ Whilst I know that on social media it is all quite literally filtered. I am going to remind myself that everyone is working as their own Editor. I am going to celebrate a beautiful picture and other people’s achievements too. It is hard at there for Mothers and women to try and achieve it all.

Looking for approval. No, no way, no siree. I am going to get a little tougher. If you don’t want to be around me or show me the level of respect or in fact fit in with my life I have the right to edit you out. Tough I know but from now on, if you want my time you have to work for it.

The most important. Listen too all in the above.

I know a little Musings Mantra here, but I think we need to stand up and be a little tougher and braver. Surely if we a little more honest and kinder with each other there is nothing standing in our way.

Onwards and Upwards for me and my Musings Tribe.



I would love to know what you want to edit out. Lets stand up to Perfect Pressure and tell it where to go. No more compromises, what if’s or maybes’. Lets carpe that Diem ladies with a slick of red lipstick as we go.

London Mum x


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