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So this week I have been sent texts and e-mails with the link to the Insta-husbands from a lot of my friends.

I always laugh with Mr B and him being my intern for Musings. So I thought that I would give credit to my childhood sweetheart that has helped build Musings with me.

 10 Things I love about Mr B

  1. He is funny. I mean really funny. His ability to make me laugh in the most unfunny moments is what first attracted me to him. From wearing sick holders as hats during my 50 hour labour with Rose Bay, musing about what couples are saying in restaurants to tickling me during a heated row he always know how to have a sense of humour which as busy parents is something we rely on to get through.
  2. He is Welsh and very proud of his inner Dragon.
  3. The way he is with our two beautiful girls make me realise everyday why I feel so much in love with his caring and kind nature. He is a natural father and I am so proud to see him so happy in his role. My daughters are both Daddy’s girls and hearing them giggle and squeal with delight when he gets home is something that gets me every single time.
  4. He is my only love. We met at 18 years old. I first met him in the kitchen at halls at Sheffield University smoking a Lamber & Butler cigarette which I thought was pretty rebellious and a little dangerous. We soon became best friends. He was always appalled by my food cupboard which just had instant coffee, ryvitas & marmite. At the beginning of our courtship he would make too much food for himself and gently knock on my door and give me a plate of his supper. His kindness was apparent so early on, that I couldn’t not fall in love with him.
  5. My mother thought he was bald as he wore a baseball cap for the first two years of our relationship. He wasn’t, it was just his look along with baggy jeans, timberland boots and hoodies. He liked Rap music and actually still does. I soon went work with a Musings Makeover of fitted jeans, cashmere jumpers and converse. I remember his horror at a tight fitting t-shirt although he was a little happier when I would come home with bags full of Burberry from the sample sale when I worked as a Fashion Assistant.
  6. He wanted to be a DJ and had the most enormous collection of records, decks and sounds systems. I allowed him to keep it all until we had to make room for the early and somewhat surprise arrival of Rose Bay Bradley. I pretended to like Rap Music & reggae in the beginning and would sneak back to my room and play Fleetwood Mac.
  7.  He works is Music as an accountant. I am so very proud of her far he has come and achieved to work at one of the biggest music companies in the world and of course am always happy to support him at various music gigs. He is a brilliant accountant. My first experience of this was a spread sheet of all the money I had borrowed of him in the first year at Uni. I think I just laughed and exclaimed that he was never getting the money back and asked him to get the next round in. A little crestfallen to hear the news I think he secretly liked it as he as was I convinced that we would be together forever.
  8. He wear socks in bed.
  9. He is always the happiest person in a room and everyone who meets him loves him. He used to get called nice Mike in my work as no-one quite knew how he put up with my chaos.
  10. He is my love and I cannot thank him for the amount of effort he puts into making me happy. Musings is something that really makes me happy. No wall is left uncovered, no walking shot is too hard to re-do, no shoot from above is too high, no make it look natural is too difficult. In short he really deserves a new title as Contributing Editor. Mr B happy Friday you have been promoted.

Love you,

Your London Mum x


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