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Happy Friday.

One week to go till the big day. Christmas Day.

How many of you still have presents to buy, lunch parties to cook for, festive drinks to attend, party frocks to buy?

Yes to all of the above. This week I have mainly been thinking about how brilliant Mothers are. A lot of you actually. I always look at who is following me and leaving lovely comments on my social feeds. The one thing you all have in common is how brilliant you are at working so hard to be brilliant mothers. Your feeds are full of super sweet photographs, lovely homemade advent calendars, beautiful nativity photos which I know as we had ours this week are the most humbling performances to attend. We are such a force and so lucky to be mothers. I know it can be relentless and having food thrown on our heads, called into the headmasters office and various other ‘Seriously’ moments, but I really felt overwhelmed by looking through so many feeds of so many women who really care and want to be the best parents. You all care so much and put so much into your little loves.

Christmas can mean pressure and trying to please everyone. I just wanted to say you all that We are Enough. Let’s not try and do everything this Holiday and just enjoy being with our loves. I intend to sit in my PJs in the morning and watch Elf repeatedly with my girls, Eat a lot of Quality streets, take afternoon baths at 4pm and just be.

So please who cares if your presents don’t look like they are from Living Etc, your home doesn’t look like Interiors spread the fact that we put so much pressure on ourselves and worry if we are doing a good job as Mother, friends, wives and the rest means that we are doing enough.

Feet up, purple quality street (my favourite) in my PJs this London Mum is going to embrace relaxing and going to let go of the perfect pressure of Christmas.

Who is with me?

London Mum x

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