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I know that we cannot all save the world independently, but there are ways we can all shop with a conscious. I was recently sent a press release about clothing brand Jumping Dog and was truly moved by it.

Jumping Dog was founded in 2014 with the view that not only will the label create clothes that children want to wear but will help the children who need it.

The first thing that really caught my eye about this brand is that 100% of the proceeds from Jumping Dog will fund the Cinci Lei project, which is a beautiful charity designed to support and encourage artistic projects that promote social awareness and seek practical and effective solutions to improve the life conditions of underserved groups.
One of which is the Lost Boys a group of children who live in tunnels underneath the streets of Bucharest. Photographer, and founder of Jumping Dog, Joost Vandebrug has intimately and uniquely documented the lives of this group of lost children for over 5 years and set up the ‘CINCI LEI Project’ to help these children change and improve their situation and lives for the better.I love the fact that he has creatively pursued a solution and a way to actively help these children. The collection is made up of real clothes for real children to wear and of course I think by buying and supporting Jumping Dog we can help children that really do need it. We and our children are very blessed I think to live in peace in this country so if we can start teaching our children about helping others early that can only be a good thing.

The campaign images are filled with so much energy and they really convey the message that Jumping Dog is about proactively helping the Lost Boys in a positive way.

Aside from the fact that is a beautiful concept the clothes really rock. I have so many of my friends with boys that are always saying how difficult boys clothes are to find. So friends here is my suggestion. Jumping Dog has super hero jackets with secret wings, adventure t-shirts, patched baseball jackets and I love the reversible t-shirts.

jumping dog london-12

jumping dog london-18

jumping dog london-37

jumping dog london-49

jumping dog london-87

So please take a look and make sure that Jumping Dog is bookmarked for the next shopping additions for your little loves. I know we can’t completely save the world and right the many wrongs individually but we can support the individuals who are like Joost and the team at Jumping Dog.

London Mum x




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