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Oh goodness, am really just catching up with everything. I hopefully am still on the mend, feeling much more positive and stronger. I was going to write a fashion post today, but am sat here in my jeans and fake ugg boots, for some reason Fashion isn’t a priority and I am quite enjoying it. I am trying to let go a little more of trying to look like I live in a magazine am even managing to walk past rooms without tidying them up. I think being a little under the weather I am starting to realise that being kinder to myself is much more important that everything looking perfect. It is like the swan swimming with the legs kicking furiously. I saw a lovely quote the other day about stopping the glorification of Busy, I really couldn’t agree more. I am going to take my time and build up to everything and make sure it is all solid and my work balance is right this time.

I wanted to share a few photos of our new home. It is really beautiful and of course I feel so lucky to have found somewhere so close to the old house. I sort of expected to feel like everything was going to be so different but it is the same bar the house, which thankfully I am so pleased about.



The wonderfully talented Lisa from Edit 58 sent me such a beautiful gift, which I received on such a rainy today. I love these personalised baskets and mine has pride place next to out fireplace and full of blankets. It is too pretty not to be seen everyday.

Our new bedroom is like a sun trap.


Rose Bay’s room has had a total makeover from A Space, the most beautiful childrens furniture company. I will share more of that with you next week. It is beautifully made. Rose is so proud of her grown up space, sometimes I cant believe how quickly it has all gone. She seems to be changing and growing so quickly everyday being at home a little more has been such a blessing to hang out with her.


Slowly but surely we will make it our home. You may be seeing it on the big screens soon though as we are in talks with a TV production company for a special project. Mr B and I had a Skype casting surrounded by boxes in our last home.


I don’t talk about Mr B that much on Musings. He is such a rock to me and our girls. There are so many times that I look over at him and realise why I chose him to be my husband and father to my children. He is so kind and patient and has been amazing at protecting and looking after us all. Being the only man in the house with three demanding girls he really has the patience of a saint. I really wouldn’t be where I am without him. We are going to celebrate our 15th year anniversary this year. Which means we have spend half our lives together. I am trying to not take this for granted sometimes I am so aware of children, work and life getting in the way of checking in with each other and just saying hi. Going to remedy this and start date nights again next week.


Rose Bay and I have resumed our Saturday morning dates together.  It is one of my favourite parts of the week. We just go have brunch and then have our nails done. I know, I know she is only 6 but we love just spending that time together, plus we just had a re-paint which is only a tenner for us both.


It is so lovely to be unpacked and have our weekends back. The Farmers market is two minutes from our home so a real tradition on the weekends for us. When I was feeling so unwell I used to really hate missing out on this as the girls & Mr B would go off together. It is funny how it takes missing out on things to make you realise how lucky you are. These crepes are my favourite and they are gluten free too. So I can eat a treat.


We are looking forward to Mother’s Day this weekend. We were planing a visit to Granny Ga Ga’s but are going to stay local. It is a dream having the weekends back as a family. Make sure you take a look at our collaboration with Monsoon, it has gone live on their website. These dresses were the girls favourite.

Work is going really well. My wonderful client Wyse London is going from strength to strength. Who doesn’t love a beautiful cashmere jumper especially as it is so chilly at the moment. I am dreaming of Summer all of the time. We re running a brilliant offer with Emma Hardie this week. The first 10 people to buy will received a free Mooring Cleansing Balm from Emma Hardie, so take a look.


Wyse London

I have signed up with another brilliant brand so will tell you all about them a little later down the line. So enjoying working for myself again. It is frightening and a little lonely at times but I really believe in working for your own dreams not someone else’s.


It is lovely to settled and on the mend again. My girl gang and I have lots of London catching up to do so of course will keep you all updated on the best ways to hang out in Little London.

London Mum x




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