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As one of six siblings it is quite hard to be selfish and only  think of myself. So when I realised that actually sometimes it is essential to be a little bit selfish and put myself first as a mother it was a bit of a shock. The old cliche of looking after you so you can look after them, well it is true.

This year I have been fully embracing all things about me in a positive way. I am regularly consulting with a nutritionist so make sure I am on track and keeping my IBS symptoms at bay. I love that just having a consultation with Ellie really makes me be mindful of what I am eating and giving my body for fuel. I am going to do a Q & A with her for you all so look out for that. Ellie is amazing just talking to her calms me down. She mixes up herbal medicines which really help support my system.


I am seeing a therapist for the first time in my life, which feels like the ultimate indulgence. Speaking about myself for an hour a week. He is an amazing therapist I am also learning meditation and yoga on the weeks where I don’t want to talk about me. This has really been life changing and I so recommend spending money and time on it. Parenting, working and wearing several hats can be exhausting and I find myself being worried about getting it all right. I feel much more mindful and most importantly calmer since having my weekly sessions.

Massages. Ok, I know what you are all thinking. This is a step too far. How much do we spend on drinks with the girls? or on a Zara lunchtime dash? The same as an at home massage. I recently had an amazing Coconut  massage from Milk Beauty at home. Mr B was out galavanting at some music gig so I called in a Milk Beauty Maid. It was heaven, there is something about just being able to go straight to bed after a massage that is so heavenly. They do so many treatments. I felt like a new person after my massage and felt so good about doing something for me. I think it is about being kinder to ourselves which takes the pressure off. I really recommend doing this for yourself. The Milk Beauty therapists are the  perfect on demand solution to time-starved Londoners 7 days a week until 10pm at night. I am thinking about booking a couples massage for Mr B & I as our next date night. They also do beauty treatments too so you can just get all your beauty essentials done in an evening. It is easy peasy to use just sign up for the Monthly Milk Beauty Subscription and there is not excuse. Two 30-minute treatments straight to your home once a month for £65. I think it will be the best £65 you can spend on yourself.


Sleeping essentials. For the first time in my life I have been walking up through the night not because of my daughters. It is awful. I love sleep and am a 9 hours a night kind of girl. So not being able to sleep has been horrid. So I have been researching so many natural cures. Here is what I have found really works.


  1. This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray. Mr B has no idea what hits him every night before we go to sleep. I am obsessed with this Lavender pillow spray, it really works. If I wake up in the night it really aids me going back to sleep really quickly. No more 3am lists for me. Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, £25, This Works.
  2. It is about creating a ritual for me I think. I also brought some amazing dried English Lavender from Columbia Flower market which is on my bedside table.
  3. Magnesium Tablets. These are amazing, two before bed and I am sleeping so much better. Maganesium tablets are a wonder vitamin. Solgar Magnesium Tablets, £16.99, Holland & Barrat.
  4. Sleepy NIght Bath Oil, £9.95, Amazon. This turns your bath water bright bright blue, it is quite strong so just use a capful, After a bath in this I honestly feel a little like I am walking on air straight to my bed. It is brilliant.

It is amazing the effect of being a little kinder to myself is having on our family. I am calmer and happier and getting lots of lovely treats along the way without feeling guilty. I really recommend it.

So go on give it a go, start with a massage next time you have an evening to yourself,

London Mum x





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