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I scream for Ice Cream. Although I did have to have a break for while after being pregnancy with Martha. I became addicted to Lemon Sorbet Gelato during the last weeks. So funny the urgency for something sweet when you are pregnant.

Taking the girls for Ice Cream is something we do quite a lot as a family. It seems to work a little better than a meal out. Which can be long and nine times out of ten they don’t even eat the meals anyway, or Mr B and I spend the entire time running around after them. There is something so lovely about heading out to an Ice Cream palour as an afternoon treat.

So when we had a family meeting with a TV Producer in Soho we though we would dash across to the best Ice Cream Parlour in London at Fortnums & Mason. The last time I was there was for a meeting when I was pregnant with Rose Bay, so it was lovely to return with her and her little sidekick Marvellous Martha.

It is such a magical place for children a real Ice Cream Parlour. The waiter could not have been kinder and so professional the girls felt like royalty.


The choice of flavours took a long time to decide…


The wait it over. A classic Ice Cream Sundae.



Mr B and I also treated ourselves the the Savoury menu which was amazing. The mushrooms on toasted brioche are out of this world. We even sampled a Gin & Tonic float, which was amazing.


So I would totally recommend taking your little loves out to The Best Ice Cream Parlour in London. We are so lucky to live in this marvellous town so if you do too go and make the most of it.

London Mum x


PS. I had to add this shot of the girls. As they are getting older I am spending so much time working out and observing their personalities together. It is one thing I have been working really hard on, phone down and just watching them play, talk and whittle on at each other. I can honestly say some of these moments are the best times of my day. I want to remember every tine little thing about their childhood as I know time is whooshing past, so just watching from a little distance is a lovely way to take it all in.

Rose is becoming so cool, I almost feel like the uncool friend constantly trying to get in to her gang. She is so self assured and just knows where she is going. I love being her uncool friend though and am really missing her when she is at school. Seeing her face when I pick her up from school is one of the best bits of my days at home with them.

Martha is a character, slightly worrying she was born on my birthday and I think it is fair to say she has a little of me in her character. Playful, strong willed and always on the look out for fun she makes us all laugh all day with her funny ways.

This shot of them just captures them so perfectly and makes me look forward so much to watching them grow up and turn into the wonderful women I know they both will be. I know people talk about Motherhood being hard and tough but really it is simple and wonderful and we are blessed to be mothers. I know I won the lottery of life with my girls. Sorry, musings over just sometimes think we should be more grateful for the simpler things as this world can be so complicated.

London Mum xx


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