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Well Hello Sunshine. It is so lovely to meet you again.

So when we moved I lost my entire sunglass collection. I have no idea where any of them are and am left with one pair of oversized ones which do my face no justice at all.

So I have been looking around for some brilliant replacements. So do I splurge or save? There is something about a pair of Sunglasses that you can buy into your favourite designer without having to re-morgage. Although on the flip side I have two small children and a lot of the time my brain is a scatter brain, so I have done a Save vs Splurge edit for you all.


Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 11.27.16

  1. Round Frame acetate sunglasses, £88, Marni at The Outnet.
  2. Voyager tortoiseshell acetate sunglasses, £160, Taylor Morris.
  3. Round frame floral sunglasses, £210, Linda Farrow.
  4. Pink Falabella square sunglasses, £250, Stella McCartney.
  5. Radio Star round-frame sunglasses, £40, Le Specs at Net-a-Porter.
  6. Cat eye Monochrome Sunglasses, £16, Topshop.
  7. Nude Hexagonal Polarised Sunglasses, £15, Next.
  8. Combi Sunglasses, £17.99, Mango.

Happy Shopping,

London Mum x

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