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Ok, so this post my ruin the illusions. But I am starting to wonder all about how good for us Social media and blogging really is? Ok blogging I think maybe is good as I love reading and snooping on how other Mothers make it work, because at Bradley HQ behind the Valenica filter is is chaos. Marvellous Martha refuses to go to bed and Rose is becoming a little like Mike TV from Charlie and the Chocolate factory spending Way to much time asking to play on my phone, which makes me worry? Monkey See Monkey Do?Mr B is on edge as the festival season is about to start and most of the time we feel like we are just keeping our heads above water.  Family life is full on, amazing at times but it is full on and recently I am having quite a few ‘How do I get through this?’ moments.

Am I bringing my girls up into a world of valuing their worth on how many likes you get? Oh, at times I just don’t think it is healthy to constantly be able to access other peoples lives. I am usually so level headed about it all and luckily am not obsessed by likes or followers. You win some and lose some everyone has their own preference. Recently I have started to care a little more than I would like to, which is never a good thing. 

So why recently do I feel like having a permanent digital detox? I think it because as a Mother you can spend a lot of time on your own and  comparing what others are up too. My motto about this is that comparison it the thief of Joy, which it is. I have been giving myself a hard time about not going to all the lovely events I am invited to, as most of the time I am a little stretched with 1. Being a mother 2. Being a Wife 3. Being a friend 4. Work 5. Trying to perfect the perfect winged eye liner 6. Re-arranging the RIDICULOUS amount of cushions I have let into my life.

So when I don’t go because of the reasons above I am them reminded of not going by a gazillion hashtags. You know we put so much pressure on ourselves as women that maybe Instagram is just adding more pressure? I just wonder how people have so much time? I feel like I am constantly rushing around, chasing my tail, feeding my children kettle chips for tea, missing or cancelling meetings, lying in a darkened room hiding from my daughters that I barely have time to attend my own life. I am super grateful for everything I have don’t get me wrong, I just wish I could think to myself I am doing enough and I sometimes think that social media is that little voice telling me I should do more. Quite frankly I have enough voices asking my attention as it is, even our cat Mr Tibbles is turning into a total diva at the moment.

So my solution is to turn it off because 7pm & 7am I think and just to care a little less like Marianne and be happy in the knowledge that I am just trying to do my best.

Musings over. I would love to hear what you all think?

London Mum x

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