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Father’s day is in two weeks and this year it falls on the 19th June which is a big day in the Bradley household. I will turn 34. How did this happen? I still feel about 16 trying to work out what life is all about. Swerving different curve balls, laughing at things I didn’t know I found funny, crying at the most unexpected things, making terrible and obvious mistakes, falling more in love with my children and at times life in general. I think that is the thing about age, it is the only thing we know is going to happen in life so why are we always so surprised by it?

Marvellous Martha is turning three. Three, it seems like yesterday that she was born. My beautiful funny Martha, three. More about my little love in a few weeks.

So Mr B has to share his big day with two of his girls. I think it is rather apt in a way as at times Mr B always take a bit of a back seat in a family of predominantly women. The drama in our house is always related to one of his girls. Wether it is a lost pair of (banned) Frozen leggings, an argument with a best friend at school, a ‘I can’t do this anymore’ moment (me trying to balance work, life, scatter cushions) there is always something going on with one of his girls. Aside from Mr Tibbles his only other male companion who I rather suspect is gay as he spends a lot of time with a very handsome Ginger Tom Cat he really is a lone male. Men are different. That is the way it is. Mr B does not understand at times how we go from smiles to tears in a matter of seconds or why our outfit has to be just so. Mr B is so black and white, there is no grey areas it is simple. There is no, ‘Did she look at me funny? Is this skirt over trousers things a bit young for me? Why won’t she play with me? in Mr B’s world. He knows himself, what he wants and always seems to have it all figured out. So I think at times he feels a little like he would like to constant female chatter/hysteria just to quieten down a little.

Aside from him trying to understand the female persona, which quite frankly I am not sure we can even understand he also works really hard. Five days a week he heads into his office and has to do clever things with numbers that actually have a real impact if they go wrong. Five days a week he heads of to his commute after getting up, getting us all dressed, finding Rose’s favourite pig socks, negotiating with Martha about not wearing a flammable princess dress to Little School, making breakfast and doing the school run. All before hitting his desk and doing a solid 8 hours at a desk.

As he returns we all regale him with our dramas before he puts the girls to bed to give me a break. When i write it down he really starts to look a little super human. I know that Mothers including myself bemoan and at times can become quite frustrated with how many hats I have to wear throughout the day. Modern life has given us so much choice which I think as  Mother and Woman can mean we take to much on.  It is always the Mothers that get the heroine crown in modern families. So I think actually we should really take our hat off to the Dad’s that also feel the pressure of working hard all week and in-between fit in beings Super Heros to give us a little respite. Family life is busy, ours is always busy and I think Mr B is a bit of an unsung Hero. He loves being a father and is brilliant at it. Especially the bits I am rubbish at. Rainy visits to the park, sitting in a cold baby pool for an hour with Martha, Soft Play (Do not get me started) making dens and most of all making our girls really happy. They and I adore him and are so lucky to have a really engaged, kind man to keep us safe and happy.

So this Fathers day, maybe we will be surprising him a little as I think it is so easy to forget that Dad’s find it a little tough too. We are all in this crazy world of parenting together.

Here is what is on my Shopping list this Father’s Day for our Super Hero Mr B.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.15.26

  1. The Perfect ‘I’m still cool Dad Jumper’. Ok. I am being a little sarcastic but no wardrobe male to female should be without a Grey Marl jumper. Fact. Plus who doesn’t love a Mr Porter delivery?

Jersey Sweater, £95, Mr Porter.

2. Ok, I am a terrible person. I made Mr B throw/sell his decks and records and his dream of being an international Rap DJ. When we got together I said as soon as babies come the decks go. Something I really regret, blame it on the hormones. So I love this stylish/small player that will work with my *Interiors vision and with his dreams. * I am one scatter cushion away from being in LIving ETC I am certain of it….

Record Player, £99, GPO at Liberty of London.

3. New Shoes. Another thing that Mr B is sort of left out in out house is a clothes budget. Which I feel really guilty about. The girls and I are a little obsessed by our wardrobes and I am always splashing out on all of our wardrobe, whereas Mr B not so much. So these would be perfect to replace his holy Converse or second hand Sebago shoes that he was given because they were too small for my step-father…I am a little obsessed by Folk, I would buy the whole collection for him if I could.

Chelsea Boot, £195, Folk at Liberty of London.

4. The Perfect Back Pack. I have searched high and low for a cool back pack for Mr B and I think this is it. Grey, Marl and under £200. A winner.

Isar Canvas backpack, £170, Cote & Ciel at Selfridges.

5. Although he looks like he is Twenty one and has the most perfect skin…not a wrinkle in sight. I do think Men quite like a bit of a skincare routine. My Eve Lom is constantly left with a suspicious loose lid. This Facial Fuel from Khiels has the right manliness and shelf appeal.

Facial Fuel, £17.50, Kiehls at Space NK.

6. Back to the Record collection. I may have made him store them all at my Mother’s house hidden under sheets in a wardrobe so she doesn’t notice. So I love this record subscription idea from Wax & Stamp as a Thank you for my Vogue Subscription that he has paid for the last 10 year. You pay £26 a month for 1 LP & 1 Single to be delivered to your door.

Monthly Subscription, £26 per month, Wax & Stamp.

7. Great Dad Bake Off. I love this idea from Not On the High street, It is a biscuit decorating workshop with BKD. The girls and I are always off doing things together I know Mr B would love to do something creative and essentially eat biscuits and talk about how great Dad’s are with his little ladies. The loveliest thing too about this 10% of sales of this over the Father’s Day period will go to Little Troopers. a charity that supports children who have parents in the British Armed Forces.

Baking Class, £26, Not On the Highstreet.

Yep, you know I do think that the Modern man has just as much pressure as us fitting in work & life so lets shout it out and let them know.

Love you Mr B.

London Mum x




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